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Alpha Elite Gear is a perfect soccer shop for the sports lover. We provide a wide range of soccer footwear and apparel for women, men, and kids.

Improve Your Skills By Using Essential Soccer Gear

Slotted training hats, Replay training ball, Flex Rebounder are few essential training equipment that every soccer player should have. It comes in different sizes and varieties and is very important to choose the right gear according to your requirement.


Alpha Elite Gear • Jan 01 2019

Get The Best Pop Up Goals For Soccer Training

Managing a Pop Up Goals is really easy. They are lightweight, durable, and easy to move around. There are various types of soccer goals available in soccer shops, each of which is designed to fulfil different requirements of different players. Whether you are a professional or enjoy playing soccer …


Alpha Elite Gear • Dec 19 2018

Free Kick Mannequins The Best Soccer Training Gear

Soccer coaches always refer proper soccer equipment such as soccer ball, soccer rebounder, free kick mannequins, etc. You can practice free kicks anywhere by using portable free kick mannequins and always be ready to make a successful goal.


Alpha Elite Gear • Dec 12 2018

What Soccer Equipment Should You Buy To Improve Your Soccer Skills

Soccer, unlike other sports, does not require the player to buy expensive gear. As long as the player has a soccer ball and a samba goal, he is all set to go. However, enthusiastic players, who want to play soccer professionally, may consider buying some gear to improve their soccer …


Alpha Elite Gear • May 23 2018


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Alpha Elite Gear • May 23 2018